This alternative rock band from North Kolkata, loves to rave the crowd with their music. Union Territory- The Band delivers uniquely stirring performances.


Union Territory-The Band based out of North Kolkata, has grown well to get a god reputation for themselves. This five member band, all of which are natural music enthusiast, love to explore Rock and Fusion Music and to keep their audiences engaged.

The stellar members consist of Arnab Ghosh as lead vocalist, Saikat Sarkar as six string lead guitarist, Soham Chakraborty being the six string guitarist of low frequency, Ayan Banerjee on the drums and Tanuj Gupta as low frequency four string guitarist.

They specialize in Alternative Rock, Hard rock and Fusion of late and take people to a transcendental space. They recently performed a cover of Vande Mataram by A.R Rehman Sir and a Bengali cover Hasnuhana by Fossils Band. The team members personally follow artists like Linkin Park,
Pink Floyd, Indian Ocean, Bryan Adams, and so on.

Apart from movies they are also involved in poetry, theatre, charity, movies and adventure, ensuring an all-round personality growth and exposure. They have a good social following and a pretty active YouTube channel. As a band they aspire to continuously grow, deliver a unique brand of music and deliver the best of experience to their audience.