Shadaj The Band

The name of the band means "˜Saa', which is the first swara of Indian classical music

New Delhi, Delhi

LIVE BAND(Alternative,Bollywood,Indie,Sufi)


Shadaj the Band is a LIVE band based out of the capital city of India, New Delhi. The name of the band means ‘Saa’, which is the first swara (note in an octave) of Indian classical music. Just like the name, the group is not bound to a single genre; rather they try to explore new and unique styles, thus giving their music a very multi-dimensional twist. They are influenced by the Indian classical music. Their aim is to bring out a new and fresh sound with the help of the unique blend of Indian and Western setup in the band. The band was founded back in 2011 by two extremely-passionate musicians – Ankur (lead vocalist) and Mohit (percussionist). Band Members: Ankur He is the founding member of the band. Ankur has been learning music since the age of six from Late Ustad Ameer Ahmad Khan (Kirana Gharana). He owes the band a tremendous amount of scope to improvise and delve into various kinds of fusion because of his versatile voice, and has already performed at various national as well as international platforms. Mohit Mohit has been learning music since the age of three. He learnt tabla-playing from Late Raam Kishan Ji (Delhi Gharana). He virtually shoulders the rhythm section with his vibrant improvisation skills. He is a gifted percussionist and has already made a name for himself across the Delhi music scene. Ashish He is the guitarist of the band. He comes from a rock background, hence diversifying the band’s genre. He also lends his Western-style voice, which takes the band’s music to a different level altogether. He has also finished a course in Audio Engineering and, thereby, assists the band with their music recordings. Lucas Hailing from the North East, Lucas plays guitar in the band. He has completed his 4th grade in Western classical guitar and 2nd grade in music theory from Trinity College of Music, London. He has been a part of various bands in the past. Being a heavy metal guitarist, it was initially hard for him to play with a fusion band, but the time helped him to blend his style into something soulful. Tushar He is the latest addition to the band. An extremely passionate musician, Tushar plays the bass with the band. Such was his passion that he sacrificed his career as an engineer for music. Innovative and determined, he personifies the fusion genre with his inclination towards Indian and Western music. Performances: Adventure i-land F1 at Budha International Circuit Opening act, Honey Singh’s concert Dayal Singh College, Annual Fest, 2014 Regent Blues Soi Thai Café The Game of Legends Life Passion and Karma Cabooz, 4 Café Swavlambhan, Pragati Maidan Annual day, Sarthak NGO

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