Gigveda, formely known as Sounds of Strings, is quite a popular band that has a solid fan following that tend to follow them at its gigs!


Gigveda was formerly known as Sounds of Strings. Long away in the meadows of time, there were four boys, creating sounds from their strings unaware of what destiny’s beheld. The sounds were calling them, to rather create an ember together. They all packed up and abided farewell to their homelands and landed to the city of hearts – New Delhi.
Following the all mysterious rhythm and chord, two of them meet in a hall, the resonance of their souls matched and there was a glimmer to find the other two lost in the worldly jitters. The rest two were spotted trapped in corporate worlds and perused their sounds in indefinite twirls.
The band is celebrated for produce a quirky twist to Hindi songs, leaving the audience spellbound and enthralling for more. The youthful genre in the sounds and the enthralling mix of western and classical is the DNA of coming times.
The past comprises of gigs at celebrity hotels, private shows at Lush Garden properties all over India with their exquisite harmonies, pacifying the pact.
Performance Details
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 90
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location New Delhi,Delhi
Events Preferred