The duo project fueled by the intense passion for music and started covering latest as well as 90's Bollywood music in a unique style



This Duo Project consists of Rishabh Batra on Acoustic Guitar and Aakash Khurana on percussion/Cajon and vocals. This Duo project started in 2016 when Aakash and Rishabh performed together for the very first time at a corporate event. Fueled by their intense passion for music, the two started recording covers of latest Bollywood songs in their own distinct style. They even tried to bring a new flavor to the old classic songs by performing their own renditions. Rishabh Batra is a lead guitarist as well as a vocalist having a professional grade 6 certification in Electric Guitar from Rock school, London and was a part of multiple bands in the past. Aakash Khurana, on the other hand, is a DJ, an excellent singer, and percussionist, who has performed at multiple locations in Delhi NCR. Together, they create a perfect harmony which is clearly evident in their gigs. Their USP is being able to cater to special song requests by the audience thereby making their live shows a lot more entertaining for the audience.