In Human

After a hiatus of almost five years, this Kolkata-based death metal band is back in action and is in full mode to entertain their audience!

Kolkata, West Bengal



In Human is a LIVE band based out of the capital city of West Bengal, Kolkata. It has almost been three and a half years since In Human's debut in the music scene of Kolkata. The band has been notorious for rarely performing LIVE and not participating in music competitions – which serve as the rare platform for the city's metal bands to perform. The band has also been accused multiple times of being a cover/tribute band, due to the fact that they litter their LIVE set with covers of Death (a death metal band). No matter what the stories are, the band has been steadfast in their endeavour, to make music and play LIVE on their own terms. Band Members: Ankit Mitra – Guitars Prithviraj Sengupta – Guitars Indranil Dasgupta – Vocals Avishek Biswas – Drums Anurag Choudhury – Bass

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