Anirban is the co-founder of Comedified, Kolkata's leading comedy collective; he can get you crackling at any time of the day!


Anirban is a prominent stand-up comedian and comedy writer based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

He has done above 400 shows within and outside India.

Anirban is an "engineer-turned-corporate salesman-turned-married man by the age of 24. Going by the smart decision-making he had shown in life, quitting his job for comedy was the next logical move.

He writes clean comedy for all age groups, and talks about issues and observations that affect us in daily life in a distinctly polite style. For specific corporate shows and projects, he writes customized content as well.

Performance Details
Events Preferred Campus,Charity,Concert/Festival,Corporate,Private Party,Professional Hiring,Restaurant
City Mumbai
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 60 - 90
Languages English
Open To Travel Nationwide
State Maharashtra