Ahsaan Qureshi is like a transmission of a message with all due respect in a 'shaayaraana' (poetic) style and his scriptless performance!


Ahsaan Qureshi is a simple man from a middle class family born with the talent of bringing laughter on the mankind's face at any given time thanks to his unique style. A double MA in Urdu who belongs to a small town Seoni in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh. he got featured on the show Bigg Boss on Colors channel.

He is a showman of comedy with a great IQ level and understanding of the Indian culture, current affairs and some heart-stealing experiences. He expresses himself to viewers with his sing-song tone and tweaking of his head on the stage.

He takes everyone's heart with a delightful shayari, which he comes up with on the spot and recites with his sing-tone style.

He has worked in Bollywood movies like Bombay to GoaEk Se Bure Do and Hanuman Bhakt Hawaldaar.