Somewhat overweight, moderately funny and completely married. Keep shuttling between Mumbai & Pune & end up feeling very "lonavala" at times.

Somewhat overweight, moderately funny and completely married, Mandar Bhide sells chocolates for a living. He is the closest thing to Santa Claus Maharashtra has to offer. But his wife bars him from wearing red. She lets him be on Tinder though as she thinks it's cute.
Mandar is rumoured to have eaten an entire crate of chocolates to meet his sales target but we suspect it was just another Monday and he had no choice. He is not all soft though and can swear in four different Indian languages, so it might be handy to have him around in a road fight.

Performance Details
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 30 Minutes
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location Mumbai, Maharashtra
Events Preferred

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