The five-piece band plays experimental music; they mostly try to fuse lighter forms of Indian classical with the Western form of music

Pune, Maharashtra

LIVE BAND(Blues,Bollywood,Fusion,Rock)


Amritaansh is a LIVE band based out of Pune, Maharashtra. The five-piece band plays experimental music. They mostly try to fuse lighter forms of Indian classical with the Western form of music. Band Members: Tejas Gambhir – Vocalist Tejas is a versatile singer and sings many genres such as Indian classical, Sufi, thumris, pop, and Bollywood. He is currently learning under a renowned classical vocalist, Dr Mohankumar Darekar. Ajay Thorat – Guitarist Ajay has a vast exposure to music and plays several genres such as rock, blues, Indian classical, and Bollywood. His leads add a flavour of rock music to the band's music. Mohit Purankar – Flutist Mohit is a classically trained flute player and is learning under well-known flute artist, Pt Rajendra Kulkarni. His flute gives a much-needed depth and feels to the songs. Vaibhav Jadhav – Percussionist Vaibhav prominently plays the tabla but has a good musical sense and command over other percussion instruments. He is under the tutelage of tabla maestro of Benares Gharana, Pt Arvin Azad. Pravin Wagh – Drummer Pravin is a self-trained drummer and can easily play intricate beat patterns from jazz, rock, and pop music. His beats give an electrifying feel to the band's music.

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