Multi Instrumentalist Solo Show

Using a wide variety of instruments , the live band is a real ensemble of musicians who charge the ions in the atmosphere!

Pune, Maharashtra

LIVE BAND(Blues,Electronica,Funk,Fusion,Hip Hop,Jazz,Metal,Pop,Progressive,Punk,Rock,Rock n Roll)


  Multi Instrumentalist Solo Show is a live band that performs stage shows using a variety of instruments. The diverse range of musical instruments bring about a symphony of melodious tunes that is soothing to hear and relaxing to feel. Establishing a feel good ambience during their performance, the audience can’t resist but appreciate their talents with frequent waves of applause. Music has always been used to represent India’s magnanimous culture. It is integrated into spiritual practices, rituals and ceremonies.This has made people appreciate music from time immemorial, thus making it an important aspect of our lives. The live band digs deeper into this aspect and brings about a confluence and a great performance that makes everyone cheer. They use all different types of musical instruments ranging from - keyboard, guitar, trumpet, tabla, drums, Shankh and flute. It’s an amazing experience to see them perform live. Sometimes they amaze the audience by using classical Indian instruments too. Multi Instrumentalist Solo Show have performed at diverse stages and in front of varied age groups. They have been a part of corporate events, musical concerts and regional cultural events. The band has been welcomed with great enthusiasm at every location.

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