Four guys from different walks of life meet in Pune; they share the love for blues and psychedelic rock so they started making some of their own


4# Brownees is a four-piece Pune-based psychedelic blues rock, experimental band with Mihir Deshpande on vocals, Ishaan Mahashabde on drums, Sanket Bhosale on rhythm guitars, and Sanket Pradhan on lead guitars.

The band was formed about one and a half years ago; they started off as a three-piece without drums. They did over 16 shows over a year until Mihir met Ishaan at an open jam.

They jammed once with Ishaan; he blended in so subtly and so brilliantly. They believe in transcendence through music and that it inflames the understanding of the surroundings. Their music is groovy and thought-provoking, and sets this typical mood which can only be described by the listener.

Performed At:

  • Doolally
  • 1st Brewhouse
  • Effingut Brewerkz
  • Toss Sports Lounge
  • Aufside Sports Bar
  • Kiva
  • Po Pazzo
  • The Sanctuary
  • Cafe Toons
  • Hidden Place
  • Bombay Bronx
  • SIMC
  • SLS
  • Nicmar College, Pune
  • Wine Tasting Festival
  • Private Gigs
  • Corporate Gigs
  • Za Palooza
Performance Details
Performing Members 4
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 60 - 90
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location Pune,Maharashtra
Events Preferred