Trippy Boy Studio is a solo project of Nikhil Nair who is a talented music producer by profession!


Trippy Boy Productions, aka Nikhil Nair, is a professional singer based out of the finance capital of India, Mumbai.
He sings various genres of music and plays various instruments.
Nikhil is a music producer from Mumbai. He also teaches guitar and piano. Trained under Joe D’costa for guitar, he later progressed to playing cajon, keyboards, shekere and ukelele. He finished his sound engineering and music production from True School of Music.
The music producer started learning guitar at the age of 18.
Some of his influences are Snarky Puppy, Miles Davis, Zakir Hussain, John Coltrane, Slipknot, Porcupine tree, Animals as Leaders, Liquid Tension Experiment, etc.