A god gifted singer, musical therapist, accomplished in HIndustani classical Ragas and semi-classical music.


Dr. Arun Apte hails from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra and is a disciple of Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki, who is regarded as Rishi in Indian music. He got an atmosphere of music since his childhood days as his family was full of learned musicians, his father was a mighty Tabla player and a well-known Dhrupad style singer and his mother was a trained Gwalior Gharana singer.
He started experiencing the Expected meaning of Indian music after coming in to Sahaja Yoga and this happened after his meeting with Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. This was a priceless experience for him personally and his career as well and it opened up a skyline in his research and application of music in various fields.
His vocal cords are giving birth to a new life in people as he is a registered medical practitioner in musical therapy by INDIAN BOARD OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES. He is a well-known name at international stage as his marvelous performance at BBC program is a demonstration of this.


Performance Details
Events Preferred Concert/Festival,Professional Hiring
City Mumbai
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 60 - 90
Languages Hindi
Open To Travel Nationwide
State Maharashtra