Yuthak Wah is an Imphal-based death metal band that has been delivering unapologetic metal since 2009!


Yuthak Wah is a LIVE band based out of Imphal, Manipur. The idea of the band started a long time ago and, despite some changes in the name and members, the band continued.

The word 'Yuthak' comes from two Manipuri words – ‘Yu’, a local rice beer and ‘Thak’ from the word ‘thakpa’ that means drinking. ‘Yuthak’ signifies the break taken after hard work or a leisure period that is served by drinking ‘Yu’. ‘Wah’ means the voice.

Their track 'Freakonomy' has been featured on a compilation album, titled Rock Music Manipur Vol.I, along with 36 other bands. The lyrical concept of this track is about the things and actions that are illegal but legitimate for operation and their consequences, phenomena and vanity.

Currently, the band is working on their debut album. They have already offered their first track ‘Divide And Conquer’ off their upcoming nine-track album filled with anger and diabolic attracted themed songs.