He was born into the comedy circuit, even his cries made people laugh. Getting serious, Yash indeed is a talented star comedian of Jaipur, and king of laughter.


??? Yash Maheshwari is a standup comedian based out Jaipur. When he was a baby, the skies thundered and announced he will make the best of comedy, sadly then there was no device to record that prophecy at that time.

With sunshine in his eyes, cuteness in looks and naughtiness in action he was soon blessed from everywhere. All girls wanted to marry him, he then decided to take up StandUp comedy to continue charming them. His parents named him Yash, wishing for success. ?He now kills it with his routines in Jaipur, and even now the skies laugh every once in a while.

Okay, jokes aside. Yash indeed is a ?champ of his art. He is a regular part of the Jaipur comedy circuit and has made quite a name for himself. He is also the founder of High on Humour- a popular venue for stand up comedy gigs in Jaipur. He is brilliant in his writing and delivery.

The laughs and gags thus invariably follow with ease among the audience. He has numerous ongoing events and has become an expert of making them all a laugh riot. ?

Performance Details
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 120
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location Jaipur,Rajasthan
Events Preferred