Playing a vast span of genres ranging from emo to garba to bhangra to pop, all are injected with the venom of demonic metal

Mumbai, Maharashtra



Workshop is a LIVE band based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra. The band has come a long way from being a backing band for Demonstealer's ESP Guitar Workshop to a full-fledged band that was formed in 2008, after which they started working on their debut album immediately. In 2008, the band started tickling everyone's funny bones at their LIVE gigs which received huge praise from fans and even bystanders.  Workshop launched its debut video, 'Cookie Monster', on 19th March 2009, exactly a year after transforming into Workshop and starting writing their debut effort. May 2009 saw the release of the 'Khooni Murga' CD-DVD combo, the first for any Indian band. The album created waves across the country. Discography: Khooni Murga – 2009 Made Love To The Dragon – 2013

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