Venkatesh Duggubati is a very popular Telugu star, with over 72 feature films to his credit, 30 years of career & several Nandi & Filmfare wards to his name.



Venkatesh Daggubati is popular actor known for his work in Telugu film industry. He is a co-owner of Suresh Productions, one of the largest film production companies in India. His career has spanned over 3 decades and he has starred in 72 feature films over this period. He has received seven state Nandi Awards and five Filmfare awards for best acting.

He has played all varieties of roles in Telugu cinema and has even acted in couple of Bollywood movies. He has a number of commercially successful movies to his name. He acted as child artist in Prem Nagar released in 1971. He debuted in Kaliyuga Pandavulu, in 1986. This movie got him a Nandi award for best male debut actor. His film Swarnakamalam was showcased ay 1989 International Film Festival of India. This got him his second Nandi award. He currently has the highest number of Nandi awards for best actor.

?His other popular films include Prema, Brahma Putrudu which got him the Filmfare award, Bobbili Raja, Dicya Bharati. Kshana Kshanam was a trend-setter. His Chanti got remade into Anari in Hindi, which marked his Bollywood debut alongside Karishma Kapoor. Both were hits. More in the list include Shatruvu, Surya IPS, Chinarayadu, Taqdeerwala (Bollywood flick), Dharma Chakram (Nandi & Filmfare), Suryavansham (remade in Hindi), Ganesh (Nandi & Filmfare), Premante Idera, Raja, Laisundam Raa (National Film Award), Jayam Manade Raa (Filmfare award), and many more.


Venkatesh Duggubati is a very well-known identity in the Telugu fraternity, and even to an extent in Hindi speaking audience. He has a lot of successful work to his credit and massive following. Apart from films, he is also the Captain of the Telugu Warriors, representing Tollywood in the Celebrity Cricket League.





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