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The Unknown Artist is an independent rock band known for their Unknown Music.The Name Unknown Artist has always put up a question why? As we all know that every playlist in the world has this name written in their cell phones, our dream is to fill their playlist with our music.This whole idea's credit goes to Pulkit Thakur (Drummer). .

Chandigarh, Chandigarh

(Blues,Bollywood,Bollywood,Folk,Hindi Retro,Indian Folk,Indie,Rock,Sufi)


They are now considered to be the genre defining new face of hindi rock and sufi rocks. Shubham Pathak Vocals/Acoustic Guitar THE FRONTMAN Bold, cheeky and audacious, shubham is the vocalist with a voice that is leading the new sound of Hindi Rock.A natural on the stage, his candid presence and his wit is what people connect to. Pulkit Thakur Drums THE PRODIGY Starting at the young age of 5, Pulkit was destined to be the power house on drums for The The unknown Artist. A veteran drummer already in the field. Mayank Chayank Lead Guitars THE DROPOUT The guitarist with a vision, Mayank left it all to become the driving force behind the guitar driven music of The Unknown Artist. Technically sound and a perfectionist in his art, his control on his instrument gives the necessary edge to the band. SHUBHAM PATHAK THE MANAGER The man with a mission and a piano. Shubham is an explosive ball of energy on stage. Years of trying his hand at various fields made him the perfect guy in charge of handling the groove on stage and off the stage as well.

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