This Mumbai-based LIVE band wants to re-create the magic of old school metal, thereby invoking the true spirit of thrash

Mumbai, Maharashtra



Fed up with the pretentious nature of thrash metal bands, the idea of Tyrannizer, a Mumbai-based LIVE Band, was conceived by Rahul (guitars) and Siddhesh (bass). After searching for a vocalist and a drummer with the same musical taste, their search ended when Aashay and Aniket joined on vocals and drums respectively. The band is influenced and enlightened by acts like Infernal Wrath, Kryptos, Mortar, Dhwesha, Armament, Sepultura (early), Sodom, Kreator, Venom, Celtic Frost, Coroner, Cancer, Tankard, and Bio-Cancer, which had the balls to go against the trends and create their own brand of old school metal. Their primary aim is that of creating thrash metal on the lines of early German TeutonicThrash bands, along with some death metal influences. The band wants to re-create the magic of old-school metal, thereby invoking the true spirit of thrash, recognized only by the true fans of the genre.

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