The Straight Outs

An indie rock band with a varied influence; covers the likes of Radiohead, RHCP, Muse, Mr. Big, etc. apart from having its own set of original music

NCR / Delhi, Delhi

LIVE BAND(Indie,Progressive,Rock)


The Straight Outs is a fresh, funky look at an amalgamation of eclectic music influences. The musicians include only three people who had no idea what they are capable of until they jammed together. They have just too many influences to cite, and it shall be an insult to any artist not acknowledged here because of failing memory. With Saatwik playing the bass for the last eight years, and Soham having schooled in Hindustani classical and Western vocal styles and a veteran on drums and percussions – they both have a unique approach to music. If being a three-piece band sounds like a bit of a slacker, then it will remain unknown how tight they pack their jams. Soham Mallick has been trained in Hindustani classical and Western music. He has been associated with a number of projects as vocalist composer and arranger, is the Western vocals teacher at the Lancers International School, Gurgaon. He is influenced by John Mayer, Guns n’ Roses, Aerosmith, and Switchfoot. Saatwik Katiha – He considers aural delight for the listener to be his prime objective and doesn't mind using effects to reach this goal. He has a strict zero prejudice approach to music, and listens to everything from Hemanta Kumar to Harold Budd, from Cocteau Twins to Cannibal Corpse. Club Soham Mandal – Vinnie Colaiuta, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Virgil Donati, Gavin Harrison, Dennis Chambers, Rodney Holmes, Ranjit Barot, Jojo Mayer, Thomas Lang, Larnell Lewis, Chander Sardjoe, Mike Portnoy, John Bonham, Jeff Campitelli, Benny Greb, Simon Phillip, Carter Beauford, Anandan Sivamani, Gilad Dobrecki; "the members increase almost every month," he says. More than 10 years of drumming, four years of literature, a year and a half of research, and infinite sound-tripping left him quite impaired to every other aspects of his life. Spade Music – Well, the music they bring together is truly the tool to dig deep into the listeners’ hearts.

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