The Rohan Ganguli Quartet

The Rohan Ganguli Project is a four-piece band from Kolkata which plays various genres of music!

Kolkata, West Bengal

LIVE BAND(Blues,Funk,Hip Hop,Jazz,Pop,Rock n Roll)


The Rohan Ganguli Quartet is a LIVE band based out of the capital city of West Bengal, Kolkata. This lineup of four is always searching for new sonic possibilities, embracing the new while being firmly rooted in the past. The idea is to merge traditional forms of improvisational music with newer soundscapes. The nature of this combination is almost always entirely unpredictable. There is funk, there is jazz, there are blues, there is hip-hop, there is the unbeatable bounce of Latin American music, drones and linearity from the world of Hindustani classical, freedom of rock n roll, a healthy dose of absurdity from fusion buttered with pop. Quite clearly, the lineup does not like the idea of being pigeon-holed musically. The band performs mostly their own material unless they are in the mood to cover some tunes that they truly love. Band Members: Rohan Ganguli – Guitar, Composer He has been a student of music for nearly two decades. He studied under the tutelage of Amyt Datta. He is a Fender and Ernie Ball Endorsee. His style of music is hard to frame as he owes his lineage to a diverse background of music. He is a nerdy gear head and is constantly chasing new sounds and learning new styles of music to expand his vocabulary as an instrumentalist. Sounak Roy – Drums He considers himself to be a newbie. This, however, is not entirely true. He has been nurturing his talent for many years playing with a host of bands, dabbling in various different styles of music. He has become an accomplished musician. His quirky personality ensures there is never a dull moment on the kit. He loves a great argument, musical or not! Arunava Sonai Chatterjee – Keyboard He is a contemporary jazz pianist/educator. Born and brought up in a musical family in Kolkata, his journey started at a very young age. He is a graded All India Radio artist. Working as a session musician, he has dabbled in various genres of music. His love for nature and food is probably the only thing that might beat his love for music. If he is not gigging or teaching, there is a good chance he is atop some mountain range.  Aakash Ganguly – Bass The other Ganguly in the lineup. He is one of the most talented bass players from the city. He is always restless in his quest as a musician. Loves his food, loves his groove and loves his bike. His approach to the bass and music, in general, is indescribable in words. He is well on his route towards becoming a virtuoso on his instrument. What to look out for in him besides the obvious bass playing? If he is in a good mood, his insane dance moves on fast tempo fusion-y songs!

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