TDT, a Bangalore-based act bringing innovation by adding Kerala folk to metal, introducing a a different form of groove-metal!

Kannur, Kerala

LIVE BAND(Indie,Metal)


The Down Troddence is a noted metal band known for its conventional thrash and groove style blended with traditional Kerala folk-music, and art forms like Theyyam. The band uses various traditional folk-sounds as well as instruments to create magical layers in its music. Its songs use rhythm structures that are folk-music inspired. TDT’s lyrics express strong philosophies about the socio-political condition and system of India; for example – inequality and injustice. The thematic presentation of its music is an attempt to raise voice against social issues, and to support the under-privileged and down-trodden. The Down Troddence has performed nationwide, and has received critical acclaim for its vision of music. It’s a hit! Band Members: Munz (Vocals) Varun Raj (Guitars) Advaith Mohan (Guitars) Nezer Ahemed (Bass) Ganesh Radhakrishnan (Drums) Sushin Shyam (Keys)

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