Tejas Rahate

Tejas Rahate is a percussion specialist and has quite a mastery over the art. He has numerous performances under his belt and very good reputation as well.

Mumbai, Maharashtra



Tejas Rahate is an ardent student of music and a talented percussionist, based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is young but has a natural taste and affinity towards music and rhythm, which has helped him grow and learn rapidly and kindle that talent. He is a student of prestigious The True School of Music. ?He percussion playing skills are next level. He has performed with numerous bands and has showed for many events and functions. His ability to understand the beats and the rhythm and take it to another level speed wise and by adding his own innovation is amazing. His audiences love him and cheer for him. He has won several awards for his skill as a percussionist right from childhood. He is one of those who don't back out from chasing their passion and has come a long way. He has slowly and steadily generated a good strong following of his own, who support him wherever he goes. A fun and humorous kind of person, he enthuses energy wherever he goes and lightens the mood for some crazy celebration. He loves making the audience groove to his beats and be amazed, and he gets it done every time.

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