Tarsem Jassar has earned enormous name and repute through his work as a lyricist, singer, producer and even as an actor. His singles are hit and very popular.


A professional singer based out of Ludhiana in Punjab, Tarsem Jassar is a multi-talented musician and story-teller who connects with the hearts of the people. Born in 1986, in Village Jassar in Ludhiana district, Tarsem with his hard work and talent and consistency has become a brand himself and begets enormous Love and support from the audience.

He officially started his career when he released his debut album 'Vehli Janta' in 2012. His debut song in which he delivered vocals was Attwadi which also featured Kulbir Jhinjer. Both these releases gained wide popularity and love from the audience and thus began the journey of this talented artist.

His song Galwakdi released in 2016 became a huge hit catapulted him into being a household name in Punjab, making Tarsem gain immense name and fame. Along with vocals he also writes lyrics, composes the music and even directs the shoots at times. He owns a record label called Vehli Janta Records, named after his first release.

He works extensively with Ammy Virk, Kulbir Jhinher and Hardeep Grewal. Along with music he has recently also started acting in Punjabi movies and has a few films to his credit. He loves to share stories. Be it in the form of music, lyrics or films, he loves to express himself.

Tarsem Jassar is a professional singer based out of Ludhiana, Punjab.

Born in 1986, in village Jassar of Ludhiana district, Tarsem is a Punjabi lyricist, singer, and producer.

He starts his career by releasing his debut album called ‘Vehli Janta’ in 2012.

Tarsem became a singer with his debut song, Attwadi Ft. Kulbir Jhinjer. He also owns a record label called Vehli Janta Records.

He also works extensively with Ammy Virk Kulbir Jhinjer and Hardeep Grewal.

He gained name and fame with his latest song, Galwakdi, released in 2016.
Tarsem became a singer with his debut song, Attwadi Ft. Kulbir Jhinjer; he also owns a record label called Vehli Janta Records

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