This five-piece metal band's name literally means the violent dance of destruction performed by Lord Shiva


Tandav was formed by a group of friends that studied in the same college (Fergusson College, Pune) – Sam, Stephen, Aditya, and Kunal. While the band was looking for a drummer, Sam found the talented Adarsh. That's when the journey of the band started.

Arnold joined them as the second vocalist but had to leave the band as he moved to Goa. Kunal decided to take care of the vocals for the band. After a few jam sessions and a few shows, Marmin joined the band as the guitarist and Steve picked up the bass. Sam had to leave the band due to his personal issues. Adarsh also had to leave the band, and Hemu joined as a new drummer.

After recording the first single, 'Tryambakam', the band decided to add a keyboard player to the lineup. After auditioning a few keyboard players, the band found this insanely talented guy named Omkar.

Tandav managed to win a couple of battle of the bands that happened in and around the city. The band has been interviewed by Red FM, Midday, Radio Mirchi, and Lokmat.


  • Infinity – Battle of the Bands
  • Ashwamedh – Battle of the bands
  • Oorja – Band competition
  • V-Rock
  • VIT Mileange

Tandav has also bagged the best drummer award, twice. The band also played at independent gigs at Cafe Euthanasia, 23 East, Cocoparra, Rastafa Cafe, etc. They are currently working on new material which will be out soon.

Band Members:

  • Kunal – Vocals
  • Hemu – Drums
  • Aditya – Guitars
  • Marmin – Guitars
  • Stephen – Bass