Taal Inc

Taal Inc. is known as an organisation of Drummers of all ages and cultures brought together in one Aesthetic Rhythm. Aesthetic for them and the audience.

Pune, Maharashtra

LIVE BAND(Orchestra)


Taal Inc. conducts drum cirles consisting of people of every kind creating together one percussion. Even though they consider their drumming as a stress buster and healing process, the rhythm that gets assembled is a joyous and thrilling experience for the drummers and for the audience. Their goal is to connect with people of every culture and influence them positively through their drums and one astounding beat they create. To achieve the same, they conduct drum circles in Campus, Corporate, Community events and Weddings and many workshops. They use their Psychological expertise to create and instruct for the right beats and rhythms on drums and achieve the stress bursting they promise. An unconventional entertainment where the audience are the very entertainers.

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90 - 180 Min

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