Spice Route

Spice Route is A Fusion -Pop Band based in Delhi that has a unique blend of classical , folk and contemporary music.

New Delhi, Delhi

LIVE BAND(Alternative,Folk,Fusion,Indie,Pop,Rock,Sufi)


Spice Route is a Fusion - Pop Band based in Delhi. It has a rich collection of originals that have blend of classical , folk and contemporary music. Spice Route is a Fusion Band which consists of Chinmayi (vocals), Vikram Chongtham (guitar), Varun Gupta (percussion), Anugrah Pandey (bass) and Shrehans Khurana (drums). The band has its distinct sound where in they blend the rich Indian music with contemporary sounds.  Chinmayi, the lead vocalist of the band is amazingly talented, multifaceted musician who composes, writes and sings her songs. A trained classical singer, she is known to create distinctive music with rich melody & impactful rhythm. Chinmayi started her career in 2010 with release of her single - "Aali". This followed release of her first album - "Sun Zara". In 2013, she released her second album 'Mann Bawra' and was selected by Songdew as one of the most promising artists to feature in Free The Music campaign. She has collaborated with renowned musicians like Deepak Ram, Rahul Ram, Bobby Cash & Mame Khan. Vikram Chongtham, the lead guitarist is following his passion for the last 20 years. He has been with a number of bands like Ultra Vires, Pheonix, The Eastern Dark and Delhi based jazz - rock band Fuber Ghetto. Having played for more than 300 concerts, he has 30 albums and 120 singles to his credited as a session musician. Varun Gupta is a multi talented percussionist who is a part of bands such as the Susmit Sen Chronicles. He has been an active member of 'House of Symphony' and has done large number of projects with Team Works. Anugrah Pandey has been playing bass with Rishi Inc and Nur. He is known for his unique ability of playing Hindustani Classical Sargams on Bass. Shrehans Khurana is a superbly versatile drummer abd has been earlier playing with the band - Bramhanaad.  Live Performances : Live performances of Spice Route are an amazing experience for the audience. The band has been performing in some of the best venues and festivals in the country including Hard Rock Cafe, Ten Downing Street, The Liquor Warehouse, OTB, Ambrosia Bliss, The Stage and many others. The band is known for their melodious music and rich lyrics that connect with the audience leaving a long lasting impression.

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