Sinister Violence

Evolving from the woods of Darjeeling, a bunch of teens called Sinister Violence has been categorized amongst the new wave of Indian heavy metal

Darjeeling, West Bengal



Sinister Violence is a five-piece LIVE band based out of Darjeeling, West Bengal. Highly inspired by bands like Dimmu Borgir, Dying Fetus, Marduk, and Graveworm, the band has been playing out with some brutal riffs and dark melodies blended with growls and pig squeals on the vocals with enormous brutality on the skins. Sinister Violence has been playing, headlining gigs and winning competition all over, as per their music they can be categorised amongst the new wave of Indian heavy metal. Currently, the band is working out on original material which is much more different from other bands of the metal scene. Achievements: North Eastern Rockers winners (2011)  Blossom Fest Winners (2011) Channel V Launchpad Zonal Winners and National Finalist (2011) Mega Beatz Winners and Best Bassist (2011) Infernal Brutal Winners (2010)  Times of Youth Finalists (2010)

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