It is the interpenetration of Indian classical and modern Western jazz into a sound as smooth as "˜silk' , pure SILK!

Mumbai, Maharashtra

LIVE BAND(Folk,Funk,Fusion,Jazz)


SILK is an Indo-jazz fusion comprising of prestigious artists from the Indian Music Industry – world percussionist Sivamani, National Award winner Shankar Mahadevan (vocals), the mathemagician Sridar Parthsarthy (mridangam), the band leader and Indian jazz Guru Louiz Banks (keyboards), and India’s best bassist Karl Peters. When the band keyboardist Louiz is changing the harmony, Shankar picks up the sense of tonal direction, shaping the notes and thus seemingly carrying forward with him. Balancing him at the other end of the tonal spectrum, the bassist Karl combines with his rhythmic Indian modes and melodies, leading to jazz being made out of truly Indian material. Mridangam specialist, Sridhar, has a great command over the kanjira, ghatam and also the bamboo flute, leading to lyricism in his rhythmic explorations. Sivamani, the world percussionist, provides his extraordinary virtuosity, charismatic presence and dynamic showmanship.

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