Shyamal Saumil

Trained in music from a very tender age, the musical duo first got introduced to the world of Gujarati poetry and literature

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

LIVE BAND(Folk,Orchestra)


Shyamal Saumil is a LIVE band based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Trained in music from a very tender age, the musical trio first got introduced to the world of Gujarati literature and poetry. They extensively read, wrote, and understood poems. Their passion for poetry took them to a stage where compositions appeared as a natural progression. Mastering the discipline of composing music came on the chronicle of their understanding of poetry. Mastering the subject of composing music came due to their knowledge of poetry. The amalgamation of notes and poetic words give rise to a blissful and enchanting experience. Every step of their composition reflects the meaning of the phrase encompassed within and mesmerises the listeners with an experience rooted with new meanings and insights of life. Shyamal Saumil has been carriers of this vibrant aspect of Gujarati language and culture. Through the medium of music, they have been instrumental in establishing the purpose of spreading and consolidating the Gujarati language the world over. Respecting their profound commitment to this cause and their valuable contribution to the course of Gujarati music, the Gujarat government presented upon them the very prestigious ‘Gujarat Gaurav Puraskar’. The best thing about Shyamal-Saumil is that they have selected the best and performed it their unique way, thus giving birth to some of the finest compositions. They have comfortably settled fellowship with their counterparts and have equally been delighted in being an inspirational force to the newcomers. Perhaps that is why they have been able to experience so much warmth from all quarters of society and carve out a place for themselves which beyond competition. Every story of Shyamal-Saumil is lively for generations to follow and enjoy. Shyamal-Saumil is nightly the golden bridge, the ‘Swarsetu’ connecting the glorious past and promising future of Gujarati music. Aarti Munshi Aarti takes pride in being guided by the stalwarts of this field from a very early age of her life. Blessed with memory extraordinaire, she has been able to keep alive several valuable compositions of old times which could, otherwise, have been forgotten. Owing to her passion for music, she chose music as her subject of academics. In her position as a music teacher, she imparts the right training of music to her many students. She has received rare praise for her versatility in singing all forms of Gujarati music with a flawless result in both pronunciations and emotive phases of singing. She has been awarded the ‘best female playback singer’ by the Government of Gujarat and has been placed on the list of 50 Most Influential Women in the leading newspaper, Divya Bhaskar. Shyamal Munshi He is truly a distinct personality in the field of Gujarati music. Also, to being a trained singer and an expert composer, he is a celebrated poet. His desire towards humour has made him very expressive in what is called in Gujarati as Hasya Kavita. Shyamal Munshi chose medicine as his academics and is a well known plastic surgeon and has marvelled in the field of medicine too. His contributions in the field of cosmetology have helped his innumerable patients. But love for music is an eternal aspect of Dr Shyamal Munshi. He balances his time between being a surgeon and music. The Government of Gujarat has bestowed on him the very prestigious ‘Gujarat Gaurav Puraskaar.' Saumil Munshi A thinker and voracious reader, Saumil Munshi’s experiences of Gujarati poetry and literature has guided his compositions, singing and music. Saumil Munshi has been able to hit the right balance between the poetry and expression through his compositions. Even as a singer, he emotes his songs with his rich baritone to cast his spell over the listeners. Appreciating his accomplishment, both as a composer and musician, he has been awarded the prestigious ‘Gujarat Gaurav Puraskaar’ by the Government of Gujarat. The Munshi trio stands distinctly on a high pedestal aided and abided by their innate understanding of music and everything attached to it. They have been lavished by blessings from the elders of the field, whereas the contemporaries have high regards for them. They have in real sense carved out a special place in the minds and hearts of Gujarati music lovers and admirers of across the globe.

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