Scarlet Robe

The band came together in early 2010 with a sole mission of reaching out to a lost generation through their music

Bangalore, Karnataka

LIVE BAND(Alternative,Funk,Jazz,Rock)


Scarlet Robe is a four-piece LIVE band based out of the IT capital of India, Bangalore. The band was formed in 2010 with a sole mission of reaching out to a lost generation through their music. Influenced by various artists like Bride, Petra, Stryper, and Whitecross to name a few, the band not only has a Christian outlook to their music, but as a way of life itself. Band Members: Sandesh John (Sandy) – Vocals Sandy has been playing music for the last 10 years, played in various churches and events. He also plays the acoustic guitar and is an HR professional. Sudesh John (Sude) – Drums/Backing Vocals Sudesh is an avid drummer apart from being a bassist, guitarist, and a backing vocalist. He has been playing along with Sandy through the years and is an HR professional. Moncy Abraham (Monzta) – Lead Guitar Moncy has been associated with the famed White NoiZ (white metal band) as lead guitarist for Scarlet Robe. He also plays and teaches keyboard, and is an IT professional. Jovey George Sujo A veteran in pre and post production in music and movies. Jovey has been in the music industry for the last 22 years. He has performed close to 5000 LIVE shows individually and along with other bands. His unique style of playing with the keytar makes him one of the most entertaining acts on stage. He is a full-time musician, composer, and a music producer.

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