saxo jogi

You could have hardly imagined, that saxophone could be used to produce such melodious tunes.

New Delhi, Delhi



Jogindar aka Jogi, is a professional instrumentalist who is accustomed to playing different instruments. Jogi is master in playing Saxophone and Cello two completely different styled instruments, and is the pioneer in this kind of setup. His audience often refers to his performances as very Melodious and Energetic. Jogi’s musical love started at an early age blooming in company of his father Late Shri Gyan Sharma, a staff artist in All India Radio’s National Orchestra at Delhi. Seeing him playing the musical instruments developed a love for same. He was lucky to be mentored by his father who happened to be his first Guru. Later he mastered the Cello under the guidance of Late Mr George Lester, an accomplished Cellist of the Indian film industry. Simultaneously, Jogi was nurtured and trained by a great saxophone teacher Late Mr C. D’mello. He is proficient in both Indian and Western music styles and has knowledge of both music notations. Jogi graduated with an ‘A’ grade and started playing with recognised ensembles. His musical journey is a great adventure and can be characterised as a never ending zeal to learn. Jogi is a Special grade musician of Cine Musician’s Association of Mumbai and is the Pioneer Indian Cellist to play Bollywood songs on Cello.  He has a performance time of more than three hours on both Saxophone and Cello. Jogi is an established performer of Hollywood and Bollywood Retro melodies and they sound beautiful when played by Jogi. Jogi has a musical experience of 38 years of working both in the studios and out on the field. His field experience ranges from performing with and leading symphonies of 25 people to playing solo saxophone with a backing track. Currently, he is working on an unplugged instrumental setup and is a senior Instrumental music teacher and orchestra coordinator in a school of great repute.  

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