Ryan and The Undercovers

Ryan’s versatility comes to a front when he transitions flawlessly across genres like Jazz, Rock, Country, POP, Sinatra to Bieber, Shaggy to GnR.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

LIVE BAND(Blues,Funk,Jazz,Pop,Reggae,Rock)


Ryan Fernandez  An accomplished singer/songwriter and musician, Ryan is one of the city’s leading entertainers.  Ryan’s musical journey. As a kid. Growing up around musicians and his dad rattling-away minor and major chords, he turned professional at the age of seventeen and went on to have his first solo act at Duchess a small restaurant in Chennai.  Since then, his career has never looked back. He has taken his adrenaline drenched, foot-tapping performances to local and international venues of various scales including events, pubs, fashion shows, concerts and more.  Ryan’s versatility comes to a front when you see him transition flawlessly across genres like Jazz, Rock, Country and pop. Why, he even handled the throaty Neruppu Da (Kabali) Cover vocals in thamizh, with relative ease. Having come a long way as an artist, Ryan is happy that he’s been able to channel his passion into a career and get everywhere he never imagined he would be.  In his words:
“I wondered if I would have a career. But music gave me one.
I wondered if I would have enough money. Music became my job.
I never thought I would have a family. I have a lovely wife and a sweet little boy.  I don’t know if I will reach the stars,. But I do know I have conquered everything that I thought I couldn’t. And I know it is with support from the big man above.”  A little more about Ryan. He was only 3 days old when the doctors had diagnosed him with glaucoma, and he would lose his eyesight by the age of fourteen. 40 surgical procedures later, some successful, some not quite, he now wears an artificial left eye while having retained 10% vision in his right.  His challenges have clearly not hindered his musical career. But quite possibly fueled it.

Training And Certifications

Ryan & the Undercovers are all self taught musicians, and hold 5th grade degree in vocals with distinction from Trinity college of London, a 8th grade degree in drums from Trinity college of London. We have performed over 2000 gigs, our guitarist has recorded for over a 1000 Indian films, we all teach music, record many music directors.

Achievements and Awards

Award for suceeding in a challenging career by the rotary club Bangalore. 5th grade vocalist with distinction from Trinity college of London. Released album Colours New with former band Second Coming. Worked in the likes of A.R. Rahman. Theme song for the 'Saint Gibson College of Design's vocals for the song titled 'Rockstar of Design. Vocals for a Lion King musical directed by Jeffrey Vardon. Caller tune (jingle) for the 'Radisson Blu Temple Bay. Vocals for the Round Table theme song. Working on his second album with the Undercovers.

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