The most popular RJ who hosts the show 'Dilli Ka Don' on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM; not just entertains the listeners but also keeps them aware , socially!


Naved Khan – popularly known as Dilli Ka Don – RJ Naved Khan is a radio jockey and an anchor. He is a complete package of fun, entertainment, and information with the tag of ‘most famous RJ’ over the country.

RJ Naved was born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh only. He was naughty since his childhood days and used to mimic like a vegetable vendor who came every day on their street. He would sometimes tease his mother by hiding somewhere and would loudly act like that vegetable vendor.

Naved never thought his naughty character or the wit inside him can make him famous. He is creative and imaginative, and that is the reason why he is able to make funny and weird pranks. The other reason why he is so successful at his work is his spontaneity.

The special talent of Naved is mimicking and making funny prank calls. He started experimenting with his voice since childhood only but his first job was not of a radio Jockey. He worked as a customer service executive, initially.

In the year 2004, Radio Mirchi had the auditions for RJs. Naved borrowed his friend's cell phone and sent a voice clip for the auditions. He made his entry as a wild card contestant and won the title of RJ.

Naved always decides about the topic or the subject he has to address to listeners next day, before going to sleep. Naved feels that now an RJ’s role is not just limited to giving info about the song, but also to talk about the issues, give out social messages, and be responsible when he is on the mic.


  • Best Sparkler (Comedy)
  • National Television Award for 2G
  • Indian Icon Award
Performance Details
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 1
Performance Duration 60 - 90
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location NCR / Delhi,Delhi
Events Preferred