Rachel Brosnahan

Rachel Brosnahan

Rachel Brosnahan is an American actress and producer.

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Rachel Brosnahan is an American actress and producer. She is famous for playing an aspiring stand-up comedian Miriam Midge Maisel in the Prime Video comedy series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017).She was brought up in Highland Park, Illinois from the age of four. Rachel Brosnahan as a Child.She performed in musical theatre while studying in junior high school and high school. At Highland Park High School, she was a snowboarding instructor and was also a part of the schools wrestling team for two years.Belonging to an athletic family, she played a lot of sports; she played basketball, snowboarding, wrestling, and lacrosse. Rachel Brosnahan Snowboarding with her Friends.She trained under Carole Dibo, director of Wilmettes Actors Training Center when she was sixteen years old. Carole Dibo is now her manager.Rachel grew up closer to Highland Parks Jewish community, which highly influenced her. She has also attended many Passover Seders (a Jewish ritual feast), Bar and Bat Mitzvahs (Jewish coming of age ritual for boys and girls), and Hanukkah (a Jewish festival) observances in Chicagos North Shore.While growing up, she once wished to become a surgeon because she used to watch documentaries about medical mysteries.When she was four years old, she got curious one day and wanted to know whether a stove remains hot after it is turned off. Because of the stunt, she has a key-shaped scar on her middle finger.In 2018, news about her marriage to the actor Jason Ralph started circulating. Later in January 2019, she confessed that before the news about her relationship went public, she had already been married to Jason for years.The late American fashion designer Kate Spade (ne Brosnahan) is her aunt as Kate is her fathers sister. Rachel Brosnahan with her Aunt.


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