Rachel Ankita Koshy

Rachel Ankita enthralls people as a singer. She is a lead vocal member of Casey and The coffeebean band, Hyderbad. She has been a music teacher in two schools.

Hyderabad, Telangana

SINGER(Acoustic Singer,English Retro,Karaoke)


Rachel Ankita Koshy, enthrals the listeners with her voice. She is a singer by profession. Ankita is a vocalist for a local band of Hyderabad- Casey and The coffeebean. She’s an expert in leading English songs. The band performs in various events and posts numerous covers of English songs on YouTube. The cover ‘Yellow’, gained more than 2.5K views. Their cover ‘Bluest Blues’ has got 2.4k+ views. Quite a lot of their videos have received more than 2k views on YouTube. Ankita has personally uploaded the cover for Let her go (Passenger), and has received more than 2.3k views on it. The You and I magazine, Hyderabad, featured Rachel Ankita appreciating her talent. She’s been featured in various more mediums. Ankita was a former music teacher at  Sancta Maria school, Hyderbad. She currently teaches music at The Hyderabad Public school, Begumpet. The beauty is that she departs her knowledge and skill, to the coming generation.Ranchel Ankita performs with such elegance and teaches with such grace, that she's a perfect as a singer and a teacher to be looked upto. 

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