Pulkit Kumar

Pulkit Kumar

Pulkit is a scientist, inventor, businessman, singer, and a composer.Pulkit is known for his musical covers in 2012-2014.

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Pulkit is a scientist, inventor, businessman, singer, and a composer.Pulkit is known for his musical covers in 2012-2014.Due to the pressure of his studies, he started focusing more on studies and pursued his passion in the field of health sciences, but he continued music and singing as his hobby.Pulkit was very active in academics and extracurricular activities in high school. Ranging from all sorts of awareness drives to research, he was seen participating with full enthusiasm and commitment.In 2017, Pulkit started his university life, which did not go as planned. He was diagnosed with clinical depression in early 2018 and took more than a year to recover completely from it. When asked about it, he said,.It was in those times, he realised how people with any type of mental disorders go through in their lives.He shadowed a psychiatrist in 2019, where he realised how the patients suffering from anxiety or depression go through the side effects of the antidepressants or the mood stabilizer pills.Having seen and gone through similar disorders himself, he sympathized with the patients and decided to do something about it.It was then Pulkit and his friend Dhaniket, discovered a potential/add-on antidepressant, which was much cheaper than the current treatments and claimed to be equally effective with little to no side effects, even when taken for a period of 7-10 years. This started a spark in Pulkits mind and he decided not to stop.In early 2020, he became the founder and the president of The UofA Cancer Society- an organisation focused on spreading awareness about cancer and cautioning them of potential stereotypes related to this disease. The group also focuses on its research factor- which is simply to cure cancer by any means.


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