Psybarite defines themselves as an old school thrash/groove metal band

Guwahati, Assam



Psybarite is a LIVE band based out of the largest city of Assam, Guwahati. Right from its inception, Psybarite has been delivering raw, power-packed performances with heavy riffs, technical solos and groovy elements. Their journey started back in the days when Pritam tasted the beauty of heavy metal back in the 90s when he was just a 4th grader. Sanchar, being his best friend, had to listen to the sound of metal. They both grew and, one beautiful day, Gautam (Pritam's neighbour) made them listen to Megadeth. By then, Sanchar, too, wanted to play loud and heavy music. They were amazed by the powerful riffs and the unbelievably melodic solos. They tried listening to almost all the bands from the '80s, and they knew that nothing could stop them from listening to heavy metal. The thrash/groove/death metal elements blew their minds away. All they could dream of was forming a band. Coming up with the name ‘Psybarite’ took a lot more time than they anticipated. With no moral/financial support from anybody except from their respective families, the members worked hard to create originals and have released their debut album in February, 2016. Psybarite defines themselves as an old school thrash/groove metal band. Since inception, Psybarite has played in quite a few gigs, and is looking forward to more. Achievements: Fireball 7, 2015 (Guwahati) Metanoia, TechXetra, 2015, Tezpur University, Best Bassist, Best Drummer Livewire, Mood Indigo, 2015, IIT Mumbai, Zone Winners Ransack, Auxesis, 2015, Dibrugarh University, Best Band Rock Rules, 2015, A.I.M.T. Guwahati, Finalist Rantix II, 2015, Dibrugarh, Best Band, Best Bassist, Best Drummer Moksh Mantra, 2015, Kaziranga University, Best Band, Best Vocalist, Best Guitarist, Best Bassist, Best Drummer awards UJONI, 2015 (Jorhat), Headlining Act RockO'Mania, 2014, Guwahati, Assam Leg Qualifiers /Semi-Finalists Metanoia, 2014, Tezpur University, Finalist Ransack, 2014, Dibrugarh University, Top 5 Metal Mayhem VI, 2014, Guwahati Free Birds' Chaos, 2014, Dibrugarh Dark Exodus, 2014, S.I.T.M. Guwahati Rebel O Rock 2014, J.I.S.T. Jorhat, Best Band, Best Vocalist, Best Guitarist, Best Bassist, Best Drummer awards Powerchord 2014, J.E.C. Jorhat, Best Band, Best Guitarist, Best Bassist, Best Drummer awards High Voltage, 2014, N.I.T.S. Mirza, Guwahati, Best Band award Metanoia, 2013, Tezpur University

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