Prestorika is a premier metal band always playing the best of their genre.

New Delhi, Delhi



Being the premier Metal Band of India, Prestorika got together in 2001, with heavy metal music as their binding factor. Coming from a country which is musically affluent and versatile, the band always had a vision to create something different from everything around them. According to the band, that's one reason why they were chosen by 'Metal' over all the mainstream music that's played in India. While being in the process of evolving the signature Prestorika sound, the band earned a stature of being the best in the nation in what they do by 2004. 2005, witnessed the release of their EP, 'Emergence'. Though the compositions were given all the cognizance by both, the critiques and the audience, the band had something else in mind. While sweeping all the major venues in the country, Prestorika always wanted to be a little more experimenting and heavier in their sound. By 2008 Prestorika had played at all the major festivals and biggest of the stages possible in the country. Some of those performances include sharing stages with the biggest metal stars who tour rarely to this nation. The Rasmus (2005), Freak Kitchen (2006), Enslaved (2007), Wes Borland of Slipknot/ LimpBizkit (2007), Machinehead (2008), Megadeth (2008) are to name a few. Out of several compositions that they kept manifesting, they were comforted when they came up with the rubric, and their next album called, “The Most Confidential Knowledge” in 2009. The band quotes, “If one helps you point out, you'll see the influences from Indian classical music, to death metal in this album. But put together, Prestorika assures you a completelynew musical experience for all. And now that we are ready to share this hidden treasure of ours to the world, get prepared for much more to follow.” In 2009, the band was invited to showcase their album at the Canadian music week, where again they shared the stage with the all time heroes of heavy metal, 'Anvil'. With the desire to create more and more music and making their music reach out to the entire world, Prestorika toured Canada and U.S 2009/2010 and are hungry for more and taking full advantage of every single opportunity to demonstrate the chaos they can create in the records as well as in the mosh-pits right in front of their stage. The display of sheer power that can be witnessed at any show , as well as the class of music that they exhibit, proves that their widely designed domain of the definition of metal, is their forte'. And they will always be there to show em to you... Genre Progressive / Metal Band Members PRESTORIKA - Nitesh Vasandani - Drums Vasav Vashisht - Vocals/Guitars Anirban Ghosh - Bass / Vocals Tazeem - Classical Guitar

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