Bringing a modern sensibility to comedy, Preeti Das drives you through a seesaw of mild to heavy laughter!



Preeti Das is a confident and formidable stand up comedian, anchor and host. Brought up in a Bengali family and living in Gujarat, she is a power packed bonanza who showcases the cultural richness of India. Always having an interest to perform on stage she has now become a seasoned artist.


Her acts are a package of an ethereal experience of humour and thrill. Preeti is spontaneous in bringing modifications to her scripts and accommodate the mood of the audience. She never fails to set the crazy factor high for everyone. Her jokes click so well that the people become keenly interested in her acts.


Preeti has developed a bold and confident personality while performing as a stand up artist on the stage. She is effortless and appealing while hosting award shows, quizzes and corporate events. Using her hilarious state of mind, she throws punches at unexpected moments which makes sure that the ambience of the hall never falls to dull.


There are very few comedians who exhibit the maturity that Preeti does. She takes the most serious of affairs and rips it apart through her experienced improvisation. Preeti has that love for bringing innovation to her pieces.

Performance Details
Events Preferred Campus,Charity,Concert/Festival,Corporate,Exhibition,Fashion Show,Private Party,Restaurant
City Ahmedabad
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 30
Languages English,Gujarati,Hindi,Tamil
Open To Travel Nationwide
Stage Gujarat