An expert in shadow acts; can do wonders with two fists; he believes that the mind and body contain unlimited potential


Prahlad Acharya doesn't need and fancy props; no shimmer, no glitter to present his shadow acts. Be it any story, he would depict each character with so much flare and confidence that the audience understands what he is trying to convey with his action.

Prahlad is gifted with an art of giving form to any object, image or character with just his hands. He has a very distinctive vision and imagination. He is also famous as a magicianventriloquist and storyteller.

He wears an ever-smiling face throughout his performance, exuberates positivity. Prahlad has performed amazing hand-shadow acts all over the world, including Australia, Singapore, the Middle EastGermany, and of course – India.

Prahlad’s shadow acts flow like water – uninterrupted, with no hiccups. The stories are perfect from the start to finish.