Point of View is a five piece ensemble, originally from Dubai, that has played some very credible gigs all over UAE and India


Point of View is a five-piece LIVE band based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra

It is the first ever band in the Middle East and Asia to have an endorsement by celebrity guitar player, Ron Bumblefoot Thal, from the legendary band, Guns N Roses. Their debut album called Revolutionize the Revolutionary was a great hit among the masses.

They make music to spread their ideas; they want to improve the world, whether it is raising awareness about issues or taking time for charitable causes.

They composed a single for the launch of the Dubai Metro.

Band Members:

  • Murtaza Jafar aka KV – Lead, Rhythm Guitars
  • Royden J Mascarenhas aka McDaddy – Lead, Rhythm Guitars 
  • Ben Harris – Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Kiran Tauro aka Tauro – Drums
  • Nikhil Uzgare aka Nik – Lead Vocals