A famous progressive metal band from Shillong that not only performs covers, but is popularly known for their original compositions as well

Shillong, Meghalaya

LIVE BAND(Metal,Progressive)


Pantocrator is a progressive metal band based out of Shillong, Meghalaya. Its music is as compelling as its name –Panto means ‘Power’, crator means ‘Christ’.  Pantocrator is known for its progressive metal music. Pantocrator has performed in several college festivals all over Meghalaya and also a few pubs and is always loved by its audiences. The members of Pantocrator aims at showcasing their talent nationwide by spreading their eloquent progressive music. Band Members: Vocalist – Enforce Lamin Guitarist – Osbert Suting Bassist – Lastborn Dhar Drummer – Lewellyne Suting Keyboardist – Manbha Marpna

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60 - 90 Min

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