OFFBEAT is a group of some of the most frisky performers having an unfaltering repertoire coupled up with relentless verve and sparkle.

Aurangabad, Maharashtra

LIVE BAND(Alternative,Bollywood,Rock,Sufi)


Known for pursuing rich vocal harmonies and whisking different genres of music to create one fervent medley, OFFBEAT is a cohort of some fine musicians who are zippy, sparky super peppy and fiery as their name suggests. This troop features Rock, Alternative Rock, Soft Rock and Metal in their own quirky manner. The band has the ability to revamp their music and repertoire to entertain a wide range of audience and grip them at the discotheque for the entire night. Arya Salvi is the lead vocalist in the band and he? offers his harmonious voice along with a dinky tee-hee which contributes in their fan volume. He is followed by Ajinkya Satpute, who channelises his young energy into the band as the lead guitarist. Arunnima Rakibe, a virtuoso since birth, is their bassist. Sushant Mhaske, is the rhythm guitarist and rapper who will certainly remind you of Joe Elliot. On the keyboard, they have Hrushikesh Chaphalkar followed by Vinit Maru on drums. They can play both traditional and modern music hence giving their audience the best of both worlds.

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