Nucleus is a five piece Pop/Rock band from Kolkata which made a banging comeback in the year 2016 after a decade long break.

Kolkata, West Bengal

LIVE BAND(Alternative,Bollywood,Pop,Rap,Rock)


Formed in 1999 with a combination of various musicians with diverse backgrounds and musical exposure from Kolkata. One of the most popular bands in all genre, Nucleus are again geared up with the screechy vocals and rock solid music of their early days. The formation was on 1999, then in 2002 when Bubble joined the stage as the frontman, there was no time for looking back. It continued it’s journey to the world of music by winning Country level Competitions, hitting the stages of prestigious college fests as guest band, creating Original Compositions, album recording for HMV, Music Videos etc.  The road was really smooth for the band until early 2007, when the front-man moved to USA. The other members of the band still continued with the legacy of doing music, but with various other bands. As they believed that one day NUCLEUS will reunite and will continue from where they stopped. Almost after a decade, 7th Sep 2016 the band reunited and did their first gig and again it was the same chemistry and craziness onstage. “The Show was a HIT”. This time the band has two new members Sushen (Keys) and Arijit aka Sili (Bass). Bubble (Vocals), Pritam (Guitars) and Kushal (Drums) are from the previous set up. Nucleus belts out mostly cover songs from an extensive range and a few originals depending on the audience and the nature of the gig. Hence every Nucleus set list is different from another. The following are the types of set lists Nucleus belts out: 1. All Classic Rock 2. Modern Rock 3. 90s & onwards Pop 4. Dance Set list (combination of rock & pop) 5. All Hindi 6. All Bengali 7. Hindi & Bengali 8. A versatile mix of English, Hindi & Bengali BAND, Nucleus, nucleusindia, ROCK BAND, ENGLIS  

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