Nomadic Jam

One of the most energetic LIVE bands that believe in originality and creative expression, their covers are as original as their own songs!

NCR / Delhi, Delhi

LIVE BAND(Alternative,Bollywood,Funk,Fusion,Indie,Pop,Progressive,Rock)


Nomadic Jam believes in original music and in giving new flavor and freshness to their listeners. They simply incorporate elements which come to them naturally. Hence, you will listen to an amalgamation of multiple genres of music in their compositions. They believe in creating a song which is delightful and creative rather than focusing only on the technical aspects of music. The band has played at various college festivals, cafes, and many LIVE gig venues. They surely know how to enthrall the audiences. Their music is a contrast between hard and melodic music with soulful melodies and powerful chorus. Their LIVE act comprises both original songs and covers of famous songs (in their own rendition). Their performances are full of energy, creativity and originality, and would get even the laziest of people moving. The rest of it you'll know when you listen to them. You can expect an energetic and crazy stage act from them.

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