Navneet is a superb singer and songwriter who has come leaps and bounds in his career.


Hailing from the majestic state of Uttarakhand, Navneet is currently based in Delhi and is utilizing his talent for music to his best. Coming from a family where no one has been in music, he has chosen his own path. Navneet is a graduate as well as a scholar in music. He has done B.Ed in music from Prayag Sangeeti Semiti. He has also been into Trinity College of Music, London where he has cleared till 5th grade. Alongside singing, he also knows how to play keyboard and guitar. Also part of the band, "SAZISH", he has done many stage shows with them at places like - Imperfecto, Skyhouse, No Objection House, OTB Cafe, and The Bar Company.
Performance Details
Performing Members 1
Off-Stage Members 0
Performance Duration 90 - 120
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location New Delhi,Delhi
Events Preferred