Muraad is a band that consists of musicians with pure and beautiful souls.


Muraad is a Bollywood band that performs Sufi, Retro, and Metro songs. They also leave the audience in awe with their flute solo part where many beloved songs of the audiences are played on the flute. Muraad can also give a performance with Tamil/Kannada Songs. The band has performed in various Live Events and have always been held in high regard by the audience. Members of the Band:
  • Ashutosh - He is the lead singer of the band and is highly inspired by "Kailash Kher". He is the one who mesmerizes the audience with his solo flute act.
  • Tony - He is the drummer of this band and started drumming at the young age of 11. He also owns a Guinness Certificate for 1000
drummers ensemble in Chennai Nandanam.
  • Kishore - Keyboard Player of the band, he is a graduated Sound Engineer and is a key cog in the band.
  • Sunjsh - He is one of the most versatile guitarists that one can find in Bangalore. Passed out from rock base school of music, his passion for music is immense.
  • Pragee - The Percussionist of the band, he is pretty good at what he does. A trained classical tabla player, he has played for various records and has been a part of many events.
Performance Details
Performing Members 6
Off-Stage Members 1
Performance Duration 90 - 120
Open To Travel Nationwide
Location Bangalore,Chandigarh
Events Preferred