Megh is a six piece Rock band hailing from the capital city of fIndia, New Delhi which started in the year 2012.

NCR / Delhi, Delhi

LIVE BAND(Alternative,Blues,Bollywood,Folk,Fusion,Rock,Sufi)


?The band members are: Maddy Manish Tonk Bhobojeet Pankaj Khurana Farhan Ajmal Hussain Our music is a blend of genres like pop, rock, blues and folk. Possession of meaningful lyrics make us one of the rare independent musicians in NCR music circuit. The genre they play are Alternative Rock, Alternative, Hindi Rock,Soft Rock,Blues,Sufi Rock They are inspired by artists like Led Zeppelin, Indian Ocean, Jal, Folk music. Highly influenced with great indian culture comprising from  punjabi,haryanvi folk culture to soulful urdu poets, the band finely uses elements of western music- rock, blues. The band came into existence in the year 2012.?

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