Magician Shahul Breaker

Illusions and magic, these are the two kinds of things on which you cannot put a price tag for Magician Sahul Breaker.

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

MAGICIAN(Close up Magicians,Illusionist,Stage Magicians)


  Magician Sahul Breaker is a professional magician and an illusionist. He has a peculiar way of showcasing magic and brings about an atmosphere of wonder and enquiry inside the auditorium. He lives and performs shows in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu which is also known as the “Manchester of South India.” “People’s mind are constrained by the discharging of their daily chores. They become judgemental and narrow minded due to their limited lifestyle. Magic is something which makes them see that is intriguing and interesting. This relaxes their mind and makes them enjoy the show.-” Magician Sahul Breaker His majestic and exuberant ways of expressing makes one fall in line with his tricks. Magic is all about keeping people on their toes and their hearts in an expanse of amazement, he does both with much ease. Sahul has put in years of practice in perfecting his tricks. Sahul has been performing at multiple kinds of occasions, right from private gatherings, local club events and campus fests. Many corporate companies invite him to set the mood right for their employees. Seeing his illusions everyone gets lost in a sea of joy.

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